Screen shots

Check all your reminders

Main list

A list of reminders in expiring, pure and simple, with a very clean design

Search with calendar

Check your reminders and complete day by day. Nothing easier to do using research with a calendar.

Completion statistics

Where are we .. ?? What have we completed .. ??
For this there is a short statistical report for every detail related to the reminders.

Add or edit the reminder

Description of the input view

The description is simple:
  1. Write what to remember.
  2. Add a note if necessary.
  3. Choose the expiration date.
  4. Choose if you wish to receive a notification.
  5. If the reminder is recurring, choose the repetition cycle.
  6. If you want the reminder to be simultaneously saved in the system calendar of your device, activate the function.
Are you done?
If yes, then push  Save and is made.

Repeat options

If your reminder is a recurrent type, here is an essential amount, but sufficient, of repetition cycles


Sometimes we have to remember complex things, they can have more details, or in a single line you cannot describe. Then here is a space for notes in your reminders.

Interaction with reminders

Is it important or delay - postpone

Sometimes the reminders are important and then we add bolt, and sometimes, they are not so much important and even if are expired we can delay it ....

It's time to ....

  1. Delete a reminder
  2. Send a reminder
  3. Restore a reminder if necessary
  4. Mark it as completed

Contextual menus for row actions

For a great comfort, the two things described first in a single menu.

Settings and tools

Organize the application

The things you need to organize the management of your reminders and your app can be found here.
In evidence the choice for access with FaceID or TouchID and the choice of the them aspect of the app.


  • Delete notificatios
  • Refresh and sync notifications
  • Reset login settings
  • Delete completed reminders
  • Check all completed reminders
  • Overdue not completed
Everything is well explained with some specifications under the indicated function.

Display interval on main list

Choose, via this tool, the time interval to which the reminders refer to on the main list.

Dark mode

Main list

Search with calendar

Completion statistics

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