Utilites and Maintenance


Tuesday 6 April 2021

This app was born in memory of my dad and also from my desire to offer a reminder list as simple and essential as possible to use.
I am writing this post to highlight a part of my app that is more related to its maintenance than to what it really does, also because there will be time for these aspects, while now I would like to talk about the “Utilities and maintenance” panel.
Why does this panel exist…?
My answer is a question in turn, that is why even in more structured apps than this, I have never found one ...?
Well, for this very reason I have implemented these functions within my app, because even if with a few small functions, but an app that manages reminders must have its, if we want essential, panel for “Utilities and Maintenance”.
This includes:

1. Delete notifications
2. Refresh and sync notifications
3. Reset login settings
4. Delete completed reminders (I love this feature)
5. Check all completed reminders
6. Overdues not completed

With the hope that this short post may have been of some help.

Matteo - The developer