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Modena - Italy - Thursday 7 October 2021

I do not know if all the developers do it, some do not even have the support site for the application, but I, for each of my apps, have decided to have one and, moreover, I try to carefully take care of each of these websites.
Among the various pages that I normally include in every web site, obviously in addition to the "Notice board and Blog", also the page "Support this app !!".
Why am I including a page with this topic?
Well, the explanation could be very complex, but very simply I try to stimulate the end user, who has downloaded and used my app, hoping that he was satisfied, to spread and evaluate my application, because for an independent developer, in waiting for Apple to include the application in question in its promotions, which is coveted by all developers, word of mouth, with a good review remains the only real way to sell the application.
Apple, rightly, is very selective and has endless requests and sometimes it's just a matter of time, but in the meantime let's try to give a direction to it.

So summarizing:

Have you already purchased this application?
If not then do it now .......And you won't regret it
If yes, you are using it and you are satisfied  you can do two very important things directly from the settings page of the application.

1. From 'Settings view' on the app, tap on 'Rate this application' this will take you to the application page where you can write a review.

This is a part considered fundamental together with the stars, better if 5, for the choice of the download of the app by the end user, because obviously the more feedback he finds in the quality of the product according to others, the more natural it will be for him to choose to buy the application.

icons8-megaphone 2png
2. From 'Settings view' on the app, tap on 'Tell a friend' ...... And talk about this app to a friend.

This is yet another part that matters a lot, because what better than a friend's advice to see a product page of a product that he himself declares to be satisfied with?
The "Tell a friend" is always a good way to help sell the app, but only if you are satisfied.

So now you know what you need to do if you want to support this app.

Thanks - Matteo
The developer.