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What is Gasti ?
An application that aims to help you manage all your reminders and todo list in the simplest way possible.
Who is Gasti for?
For all those who want or need an iPhone application where they can create, manage, update a reminder list or a simple "todo - list".

Why this name?
This was the nickname of my dad, who had the habit of always remembering me the things to do. Thanks dad..!!

No subscription

You will not have to subscribe to any subscription.
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No In-app purchases

No additional purchase in the app
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Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

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Start from an home view with all you reminders at a glance.Use power-full row action to manage all you reminders.


Create, modify, delete all the reminders you want and assign a Flash-Tag to the most important ones and choose the time interval to manage them.


With a shortcut in row actions, you decide when you want to receive the reminder notification again if expired or not.
+ 1 hour
+ 6 hours
+ 24 hours
So you can still complete your reminders.


Set notifications for individual reminders and recurrent reminders.


Set recurrent daily, weekly, monthly and annual reminders.


Write any notes you deem necessary for each reminder.

Export to .CSV
Export all the history of your memos in .CSV format.


Access a short summary to find out the status of your reminders, how many Active, how many Done, and more.


A great quantity of contextual menus were implemented in Gasti. You can decide whether to use row actions or menus

Dark mode - Light mode

Option of an independent choice for the theme: now you can choose which theme to use (light - dark) regardless of the setting of your device

Universal app

Gasti is for iPhone and iPad at the same time

Integrate with system calendar

When you add a new reminder, be it single or recurring, if you like, you can add it to the system calendar.

Integrated with services
Cloud and Biometrics

Use Face ID

Use Touch ID


Keep all your reminders up to date between all your devices.
Nothing more simple, add a reminder on your iPhone and you will find it also on your iPad ...


- Create, edit, delete all the Reminders you want.
- Create, edit, delete all recurring reminders you want.
- View summary chart.
- Export the expense history in CSV file format
- Uses 3D Shortcut technology
- iCloud sync
- Dark mode - light mode
- Calendar integration 

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